Put your comfies on, and let's get started. Step-by-baby-step.

Baby Brain Builders


The brain grows with use and quality sensory information. The opportunity to facilitate that growth begins on day one! But your baby didn't come with a manual.... So how exactly do we "build" our babies' brains? We create the conditions for a baby's brain to make new neural connections. In this FREE mini-course, I walk you through 5 simple stress-free "Brain Builders" you can work into your daily routine that will help you help your baby assemble their foundational toolkit of skills - without any stress and overwhelm.

MINDFUL Steps To Motor Milestones


The first year of life is the foundation of your child's whole life. And the quality of your child's first sensory motor experiences will impact how he/she learns, moves, and grows for all of the years to come. But the path to milestones is not a race, and not a process to rush through. It is an opportunity to build a strong foundation, laying one building block on top of the last, organically. My mission as a pediatric occupational therapist is to equip you with the tools to provide the best and strongest start for your baby, and empower you with the knowledge that will support a natural and stress free developmental journey with your little mover. You have the power to profoundly influence your baby's potential. And I have the M.I.N.D.F.U.L. steps to get you there, all wrapped up in a memorable acronym. Ready to invest in your baby's development? Let's nurture your child's natural development together!

Supporting Baby Milestones Through Play


Are you wondering what to do with your baby? How to play with baby? How to nurture their progress toward meeting milestones? Are you wondering how to do all of that, while still being able to shower, get dinner on the table, and not drain the bank account? I have put together a short guide with very doable ways you can accomplish all of these things. In this course, you will learn 5 simple yet effective ways to provide rich exploratory developmental play, without needing to be SuperMom, so that you can more confidently play with your 9 pound nugget and provide the optimal conditions for your baby's learning and development.

Your Instructor

Austen Lincoln, MS, OTR/L

Let me introduce myself! I'm Austen. I am a pediatric occupational therapist, Athleta legging addict, total nerd when it comes to child development, self educated amateur chef, Bouvier des Flandres puppy parent, and nonstop learner. I am an expert in typical and atypical movement and motor development, and specialize in birth to 5 year olds. My happiest days are spent playing with kids and empowering parents with practical tools to support their little one's development. I am the founder and lead OT of Steps 2 Grow, a private occupational therapy practice that provides in-home OT, consultations, and now educational courses. In recent years, I have become extremely alarmed by the statistics on developmental delays, and I want to do my part in sharing everything I know about optimizing the brain health of babies and preventing developmental disruption. This course is not about sales or money. It is about getting the information to the people who need it the most. You! I hope you see you inside.