What if you could take the guesswork out of helping your baby meet their motor and sensory milestones?

This is your holistic 7 step science-based guide to optimizing your child’s neurological and motor developmental wellness in their first year of life, in a mindful and respectful way. 

Taught by a seasoned pediatric occupational therapist and child development expert.

You dream of those tiny little toes taking their first steps.

You envision your baby learning to roll over for the first time. 

You can see your baby getting up on all 4’s and crawling for the first time. 

You can't wait for your baby to pull to stand and learn to balance on her own for the very first time.

Who are we kidding?

You’re PUMPED to see your baby progress and master all of their sensory-motor milestones!

The only problem is...

  • Maybe you’re a new parent, first-time parent, or soon-to-be parent and don't know what to expect

  • Maybe you’re confused about what to do with your 9 pound buddy that didn’t come with an instruction manual

  • Maybe you wonder about motor milestones, when they happen, and if your baby is developing on track

  • Maybe you wonder how you can set the stage in order to enjoy watching your baby progress

  • Maybe you’ve heard the statistics of developmental delays and you want to increase your chances of preventing them

  • Maybe you aren’t sure what baby products to buy or how to use them properly

  • Maybe you don’t know much about the brain or what conditions are best for learning skills

  • Maybe you’re wondering how you can provide the best start for your baby without completely losing yourself

  • Maybe you are struggling to answer the question “NOW WHAT?!”

You can powerfully shape your baby's neurological and physical development by understanding what the brain needs to master new skills.

By taking advantage of this golden opportunity when millions of brain connections are formed every single day, you can reduce the odds of developmental disruption.

You already have the tools to enhance your baby's brain and motor health.

I would love to show you how to use them, step-by-mindful-step.

MINDFUL Steps is right for you if:

  • You are pregnant, or have a new baby anywhere between 0-12 months

  • You want to learn how to enhance your baby’s brain health

  • You want to play an active role in your baby’s motor development

  • You want to help your baby build the strongest foundation of skills possible

  • You want to support your baby’s natural motor development with effective techniques used by pediatric occupational therapists

  • You want to learn what to do, how to do it, and why it is important

  • You want to confidently and playfully give your baby the best start you can

  • You value mindful parenting and want to respect your baby's autonomy, independence, and natural development

Optimize your baby's brain function and give them a strong start to a thriving life of upright movement.

MINDFUL Steps lays out a simple, straight forward, easy to follow roadmap for nurturing your baby's natural abilities, offering developmentally appropriate interaction, and providing the right kinds of stimulation to promote their developmental wellness.

Here's what you will get:

  • 7 modules with a clinical pediatric occupational therapist’s methods for optimizing physical development and brain health in babies

  • A bonus module on warning signs and when to seek help from a specialist

  • Tons of simple actionable strategies you can apply to your daily routines starting today

  • Knowledge on the optimal conditions for the brain to learn new skills

  • A thorough break down of skill development and what to do to nurture each mini and major step

  • Video demonstrations with handling techniques

  • Accompanying PDF handouts with core concepts for each module so you don’t have to take a bunch of notes

  • Bonus handouts including a sensory input tracker and sensory screening tool so you can tune into your baby's responses and preferences to various activities and sensory inputs

  • Lifetime access to all course materials and future upgrades so you can reference back anytime you want

  • A 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with what you learn

You will also get a free Steps 2 Grow onesie!

Let's get started on the 7 modules that make up your baby's brain-boosting foundation.

Because your response to your baby's needs and actions can enhance their brain health and milestone mastery.

Getting started is easy!

  • Buy the course

    Start learning right away with instant access to all modules and complimentary PDF's and observation worksheets.

  • Watch the course

    Watch the course and learn mindful, simple, and actionable ways you can provide the right conditions for your baby's brain to learn and master motor skills.

  • Parent with confidence

    Feel empowered about making informed decisions about how to mindfully support your baby's physical and sensory development.

Your Instructor

Austen Lincoln, MS, OTR/L

Let me introduce myself! I'm Austen. I am a pediatric occupational therapist, Athleta legging addict, total nerd when it comes to child development, self educated amateur chef, Bouvier des Flandres puppy parent, and nonstop learner. I am an expert in typical and atypical movement and motor development, and specialize in birth to 5 year olds. My happiest days are spent playing with kids and empowering parents with practical tools to mindfully and respectfully support their little one's development and independence. I am the founder and lead OT of Steps 2 Grow, a private occupational therapy practice that provides in-home OT, consultations, and now educational courses. In recent years, I have become extremely alarmed by the statistics on developmental delays, and I want to do my part in sharing everything I know about optimizing the brain health of babies and preventing developmental disruption. This course is not about sales or money. It is about getting the information to the people who need it the most. You! I hope to see you inside.

This isn't about speeding up your baby's development.

This is about tuning into your baby, meeting them where they are, and nurturing the natural unfolding of their innate abilities in a mindful way, so that they can build a strong foundation of solid skills for life.